time flies

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Things were not going the way I planned and I wasn’t in a state to come up with words. The past two years have been the worst for me in every way possible, loads of inner turmoil that I couldn’t even process what was going on.
I became involved with the worst set of friends (well I don’t call them that anymore), focusing on unimportant things. Most importantly I failed to work on myself. It also made me reflect on how much I have to improve as a person. I would give anything to erase my high school years.

I’m in a better state now, I hope I don’t let myself down this time. I have always been the kind to let things go, never reach the depth of the simplest of things. Whenever I feel low, I just let the disfigured emotions wash over me like the welcoming cascades of shower. It has somehow helped me go through the hardest of times.

Now that I am recovering, I hope to be a better person. I know everything will eventually slip away, the fabric of my world will get bigger, but these painful memories will remain embedded, but also give the much needed boost which I wish got earlier.

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