– hope blooming –

Before late realization hits you hard, you will have all things sorted out.

You will enjoy your morning coffee everyday.

You will put on a new dress and hang out with your best friend with whom who have not met for ages.

You will pack your bags for a short trip in the country side.

You will chat with your neighbours in that park bench which you always noticed while coming back from work.

You will turn on the T.V. and watch crap telly, followed by Chinese takeout.

You will meet someone with whom you will share your ideologies which go on in your chaotic mind.

You will take out that leaflet from your purse and contact the NGO.

You will make yourself a cup of coffee and curl up on the sofa reading Jane Eyre.

You will wake up everyday with a thousand mega-watt smile.
You will find enjoying yourself.

You will find out the real you.