go. achieve.

​Count on yourself to be happy. Always. You deserve to be because what you are today is because of your past. You are standing erect today because of the choices you made.

Tell me honestly. Would you be still standing here if you have not fallen and locked up yourself in a crate?  All if these have led you here. You have made an effort to try and take the paths not taken. But yes, the consequences were inferior. You will never get past that. Isn’t it natural for hundreds of paths to be altered?
You deserve to be happy because you know there’s no point in hiding. You isolate yourself and remain in your own bubble, not wanting to be pricked. You deserve the power within you which you failed to recognize for the past years. You deserve to be happy because you have fought for long with yourself. 

The time has come for you to embody your dreams. Yes maybe you are slow, maybe you’re devoid of talents but trust me this is what you will be needing for the days to come. Some days better than the others.
Happiness deserves you. It has waited far too long, despite your loathing and flawed self. Happiness deserves you because you are worth waiting for.